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Google AdWords It is an online advertising service provided by Google to help advertisers or marketers reach customers where advertisers are willing to pay to display ads Ads, products, services and video content With Google’s network of web users.

Nowadays a lot of customers are searching in Google for things advertisers are offering with only visiting their website or doing some action or conversion.

The Google AdWords system allows advertisers a budget and a cost (price), they pay ads for every click that a user makes. Advertising services focus heavily on keywords.

Different types of ad formats such as Search, display, text-based search network, YouTube video, and mobile app. You have a lot of ways to reach your target customer with AdWords.

Text ads on the search network, when a web user searches on Google for relevant products and services that you offer. The list of ads that appear above the organic list is called search ads. For example, when a user searches for “food restaurant” with those relevant ads, they will be shown through the results. It consists of three parts: Heading 1, Heading 2, Display URL, and Description text.

Display Network adsWhen a user visits some websites or blogs, they see ads in many different places on a page, and in different dimensions such as an image. They are called display ads. There are millions of websites available on the Internet, and advertisers may choose to display their ads in different formats to reach audiences around the world using a variety of targeting methods.

View the search network, your ads can appear when people search for terms on Google search and search partner sites that match your keywords. They may also appear on relevant pages across the web on the Google Display Network. Ads will be shown using an image, a gif, or some animation effect.

Video adsWhether you’re targeting travel, food, music, or something else, you can choose your target audience based on demographics, interests, topics, and placements. When you have a YouTube channel, create a video and upload it to your account and then use an AdWords campaign to launch your ad to upload the video or related videos. Including video ad formats TrueView in-stream ads, TrueView video discovery ads, and bumper ads.

Application adsUniversal App campaigns help you promote your app across Search, Play Store, YouTube, Gmail and Google Display Network. To start the application write your ad text and locations. Google will design and create personalized ads and make some changes later.

Shopping adsBefore you start shopping, you must have an ad Google Merchant Center accounts. By linking your Google AdWords account to your Merchant Center account, you’ll be able to show your products directly to users through Shopping ads. Shopping ads include rich product information, such as a product image, price, merchant name, and use data attributes from the product information.

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