Top 4 factors to consider when choosing an ad

Top 4 factors to consider when choosing an ad

Online advertising is part of the entire marketing mix. You will need to consider the price of the product/service to target audience before choosing the advertising medium. It is important for the target audience to bear the cost of the products/services without it turning into cheap taste or cheap quality. It is also important to think about how the products/services will be packaged to ensure that they are attractive to the specific target audience. Factors to consider when choosing an advertising medium include:

Media cost

In the event that you are considering running an advertising campaign, online or offline, print, pay-per-view, rental LED, TV, pay-per-click, or any other channel, it is important to consider the cost of media and its effects on the activity. Commercial, as measured by revenue and conversions. Not considering the cost of advertising campaigns means that you are delivering very expensive advertising, and very little conversion.

The extent of the spread of the media

This is as important a factor as running an ad in the local newspaper covering events in the neighborhood. The product and/or service you are considering requires more exposure and circulation than the local newspaper can provide. It is important to consider the reach of media trading. Therefore, you can choose to also advertise in Google, MSN and Yahoo which have the ability to generate results.

The nature and type of product/service intended for advertising

The nature and type of product or service should never be overlooked. The ad must appear to offer better deals to the prospect. If you think about the ads run by the big companies, you will discover that they have been on top for many years.

The intended target market for advertising media

One type of advertisement is directed at the mature generation while other types are directed at the younger generation. Advertising targeting young people should feature effective channels such as social sites where many young people spend their time. If the advertisement is about housing, it is better to direct it towards the older generation, so an effective channel must be used to deliver the message to the right people.

For a business, it is important that you invest in advertising. Therefore, online advertising among other means of advertising has become a business necessity. This way they can reach potential customers all over the world.


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