The nature and forms of online advertising!

The most popular form of advertising, which one has come across recently, is contextual advertising. These scans to advertise specific keywords found in the body of the web page. Then, it returns ads to these web pages based on what the user is viewing. They can be pop-up ads or ads placed on the page.

With the help of contextual advertising, businesses can place advertisements in major websites and portals that carry content relevant to their product or service. Target the right audience and get the right traffic to your website. Two forms of these ads are visual ads and text ads (similar to pay-per-click)

Visual ads work like banner ads and text ads work like pay per click ads. Just like pay-per-click, content-based text ads are usually priced on a performance-related CPC basis. If the impressions are higher, the ads can be shown on highly targeted sites.

Advertisements were originally seen as a message, or a public means of communication to convey some issue. It persuades the public opinion regarding a particular important issue in the public arena. In this case, the buyer is satisfied with the product. Recently, comparative advertising has gained prominence. Advertising is targeted to a brand that competes directly or indirectly with one or more competing brands. You must have noticed airline advertisements, where different airlines target their competitors. Even the perforation lines clash with the other lines. Such comparative advertising stops the viewer’s attention. One disadvantage of comparative advertising is that customers become more skeptical about claims a company makes than its competitors because accurate information is not always provided. Be careful not to write anything misleading or incorrect that may incite the company as you will have to face a lawsuit.

Direct mail marketing includes catalogs, flyers, letters and postcards are just a few examples of them. Direct mails have their own advantages, and don’t forget the price involved, too. Apart from direct mails, email marketing is also used to reach the masses. Explore online for more effective forms of online advertising.

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