The main role of creativity in advertising

The main role of creativity in advertising

Outstanding creativity is definitely a gold mine in the advertising industry, simply because it can develop really valuable and attractive slogans in print or outdoor ads, in radio or TV ad campaigns.

Advertising is one of the most dynamic drivers in the sales process all over the world; Regardless of the business, advertising campaigns must be developed, as long as the managers who run these companies are willing to stay ahead or expand their companies.

The advertising campaign is not intended to convey information in a polite, formal manner and something similar to a press release. On the contrary, the message must be attractive, clear, unique and revolutionary in order for the audience to react positively. As all traditional alternatives have been exhausted, advertisers have had little to come up with amazing creative solutions, in order to transcend old advertising methods, or reinvent past concepts with wisdom and skill. For example, many advertisers have speculated on the fact that consumers are tired of long, annoying photos, which end up in very polite invitations to buy a particular product. Therefore, they changed the strategy and succeeded in gaining attention through suggestive commercials, less invasive concepts, giving potential customers the opportunity to interact with an interesting and innovative message. The pressure falls on the consumer’s choice to respond to that message. In order to reach relevant results, ad styles must match creativity-based ideas.

Since the first attempts at advertising, creativity has developed following different cultural, social and economic trends. Creativity in art differs from creativity in advertising simply because advertising is expected to have a different resonance or effect, to the extent that it should generate a certain behavior on a large scale. While art is a free manifestation, in advertising, creativity is a little restrained; More precisely, advertisers explore their creativity depending on predetermined factors in order to get certain feedback. We can say that art and advertising have different purposes.

The quality of a message does not depend one hundred percent on the creative skills of a single advertiser, marketing departments are set on creating an audience and thus identifying audience areas of interest in order to create a message.

Although being innovative also means being unique, advertising is expected to instantly and temporarily engage different categories of consumers.

At this stage, creativity plays a crucial role, because the more interest it has, the target audience will pay close attention to more details and will buy the advertised products or services.


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