The attractiveness of color in advertising

The attractiveness of color in advertising

The colors you use for an ad are more important than the actual wording of the ad. The reason for this is that the colors (and graphics) grab consumers’ attention and then make them read your ad. According to, “Psychologists have suggested that the impression of color can account for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of that product or service.”

Each color has different meanings for different cultures. For advertising purposes, it is very important to design your ads in a way that appeals to your target market. Try to choose colors that complement the message you are sending to your customers.


Red is the color that symbolizes action, warmth, strength, aggression, excitement, drama, fire, blood, passion, love, danger, anger, and heat. It is a highly visible color that always attracts attention. Red will also stimulate many emotions.

Stop signs have trained us to stop and look when we see red. So naturally you should stop and look at a red billboard.

Studies show that people in casinos gamble more in red rooms than in rooms of other colours. Red is also a good color for auto sales, pet stores, pasta shops, pizzerias, and restaurants.

However, red is not recommended for medical companies as it indicates poor health, blood and emergency situations. Red is also the color accountants use to show that they have negative cash flow.


Orange is a vibrant and fun color. Improves mental clarity, promotes warmth and happiness. Orange also increases the flow of oxygen to the brain. Contentment, fruitfulness, and perfectionism are qualities also associated with oranges.

Orange can help an expensive product stand out at a reasonable price. It is the perfect color for products that appeal to a variety of people.

Orange is an appetite stimulant. It is a good color choice for vitamin shops, Mexican restaurants, dance clubs, and products targeting Latino and French people.


Yellow is the perfect color for sunny, happy, bright, cheerful, playful, calm, and optimistic ads. Perfect for florists, candy stores, toy stores, amusement parks and discount stores.

Yellow is the first color the eye treats. It is also the most visible color to the human eye. That is why it attracts attention faster than any other color.

Yellow is also the color of caution. Most yellow road signs warn drivers of a problem on the road or with oncoming traffic. This is just another reason why yellow quickly caught our attention.


Green symbolizes life, nature, environment, youth, money, renewal, hope and strength. It is a color that calms people, relieves pain, and makes us feel safe.

As the green traffic lights made us feel welcome. This is a great quality for any product or service.

Yellow-green is not a wise color for food advertisements because it is an appetite suppressant.

Green light calms people. This is why most of the walls in prisons, schools, waiting rooms and hospitals are light green.

Green is a great color for financial advisors, banks, and accountants because it indicates money. It is also good for outdoor products because it gives consumers a natural outdoor feel. Green can be used in greenhouses, vegetable stands, landscaping, and farmers because it indicates life.


Blue makes people feel calm, relaxed, calm, peaceful, wise, loyal, and trustworthy. It helps people accept themselves and solve their problems.

Blue also helps increase productivity.

On the other hand, blue can also symbolize sadness and depression. Since most foods are not blue, blue is an appetite suppressant that can help people lose weight!

Blue is definitely the most popular color for both men and women. Many well-known companies use blue in their logos. It’s a great color choice for travel agencies, pool companies, masseurs, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, medical suppliers, motels, psychologists, and weight loss centers.


Purple is a sophisticated, creative, luxurious and rich colour. It is also associated with royalty. A bluish-purple shade tends to create mystery, while a reddish shade of purple is sensual and creative. Purple with a red tint will get more attention.

It is difficult for some people (mostly men) to see the color purple. However, it is a great color for artists, elaborate restaurants, clothing stores, bookstores, art galleries, nightclubs, magicians, photographers, country clubs, golf courses, jewelry stores, beauticians, and fortune tellers.


Brown stands for coffee products, woods and earthy tones. It is a reliable, solid, strong, mature, and comforting color. Brown is now considered a rich and strong colour.

Brown is an excellent color for hardware stores, coffee shops, craft stores, herbal shops, health food stores, haberdashery, cabinet shops, western stores, contractors, watch shops, and carpenters.


Black color symbolizes strength, prestige, elegance, elegance, reliability, simplicity and sophistication. The color black is more about attitude than anything else. It is a trendy color that keeps consumers up to date with technology. It is also an informative color.

Black was seen as the color of death, witches, demons, and evil. However, this perception is declining.

Black is a great color choice for music stores, accountants, lawyers, electronic stores, and tire shops.


White symbolizes purity, cleanliness, virtue, innocence and freshness.

White is a great choice for bridal shops, bridal showers, religious groups, day care centers, medical facilities, wineries, dentists, catering businesses, bakeries, museums, historic sites, family stores, bathrooms, dry cleaning, and cleaning services.

Please be careful, because white is the color of death and mourning is China, Japan and other countries in the Middle East.

Once you’ve determined the right color(s) for your business, be sure to find out which colors effectively complement your color selection.


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