Day: July 15, 2023

Fundraising with Pixel Advertising raises money and awareness for nonprofits
Pixel advertising is an increasingly popular form of online advertising. The publicity surrounding a pixel ad site created by a British university student who needed to raise money to pay for his education led to a huge interest in this type of ad. The site, called the Million Dollar Homepage, has earned its creator, Alex […]
The main role of creativity in advertising
Outstanding creativity is definitely a gold mine in the advertising industry, simply because it can develop really valuable and attractive slogans in print or outdoor ads, in radio or TV ad campaigns. Advertising is one of the most dynamic drivers in the sales process all over the world; Regardless of the business, advertising campaigns must […]
How Facebook appears in your online advertising campaign
Facebook. All the cool kids do. You? For advertisers, it’s hard to miss in the market. Too many people in one place at one time. Marketers see something like this and it’s as if their dreams have come true. He’s got this bright, glowing exterior that seems to say: Come to us. we’ve got Preparation. […]
What is advertising nowadays?
Imagine a peacock and world flowers. The colors, sounds, and displays of the rest of the species convey that you are a suitable mate. Plant seeds and pollen are spread by other animals only if they can attract attention. Humans instinctively understand and respond to advertisements. It is encoded in our genes from eons of […]
Vintage Advertising Banners - How to Tell if It's a Reproduction
There are a few ways to tell if you have a really old antique tag. The letters are not complete. No two signs are exactly the same. If it was perfect it was made using a computer and if more than one sign was exactly the same it was not written by hand. – On […]
Benefits of advertising a cup of coffee
Branded coffee cup and paper cup ads have been shown to give more positive brand perception. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in society. People drink an average of 3 cups of coffee per day. Coffee cups are a great opportunity to showcase your brand to the mass audience in a cost effective […]
Coffee cup advertisement as a type of niche advertisement
The coffee cup advertisement is one of the most powerful means through which a message is communicated as thousands of people buy it every day. In the United States, coffee cup advertising is the fastest growing outdoor advertising segment. Coffee is personal. It stimulates ideas and engages the consumer in a way and mentality that […]
What do satellite radio ads cost?
final frontier space… It’s also a land full of floating metallic objects that orbit the planet and transmit signals to our devices. One of these floating metal objects is a satellite designed to push radio programming to our receivers. The only brand on the market in the US is Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Satellite radio […]
Top 4 factors to consider when choosing an ad
Online advertising is part of the entire marketing mix. You will need to consider the price of the product/service to target audience before choosing the advertising medium. It is important for the target audience to bear the cost of the products/services without it turning into cheap taste or cheap quality. It is also important to […]
The attractiveness of color in advertising
The colors you use for an ad are more important than the actual wording of the ad. The reason for this is that the colors (and graphics) grab consumers’ attention and then make them read your ad. According to, “Psychologists have suggested that the impression of color can account for 60% of the acceptance […]