It’s showtime! Develop an effective video marketing strategy

It's showtime!  Develop an effective video marketing strategy

Whatever form it may take, be it an advertisement, a YouTube video, or a commercial with original promotional content, effective video marketing can do wonders for any company in any industry. Any business, be it a large corporation or a small business, can use digital videos to raise awareness of your products and services locally and nationally. If implemented correctly, an effective video marketing strategy will cost you no small fortune.

So, how can you effectively and affordably promote your business in this age where video marketing has become the new way to reach customers? There seems to be a lot of tactics and strategies involved in video marketing, and it can be difficult to know the do’s and don’ts of different video platforms. Here we offer some tips regarding video marketing.

Where do you post your videos

You have many options for posting videos online. If your business has a blog, this can be an effective way to upload and view all of your video updates – especially if you have an RSS feed on your blog page. In addition, many companies choose to market their products on video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo in order to reach a larger customer base. Social media posts (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram) give your followers instant access to your videos.

What are you recording

Just like a movie, a video should tell the story in a creative, engaging, and relevant way. Whether you’re promoting a product or marketing a service, it’s important to show people in your videos. This can consist of people using your product successfully and/or customers providing testimonials. Try to keep each video short (just a few minutes) while telling as much of the story as possible in a compelling way as possible. At the end of the video, provide a call to action that tells the viewer how to proceed to the next step.

When do you post

A consistent, scheduled video uploader provides a routine that viewers can expect and look forward to. Depending on the pace of change in your industry, you may want to post daily or weekly to keep your viewers updated. Otherwise, once a month should suffice. There are several websites that specify the days and times each week that your video post is most likely to be seen. These will help you design your posting schedule.

How to write an effective description

Your readers need to understand what they are going to see and why it will benefit them even before they start playing, so they can decide if it is worth their time watching your video. Provide a detailed overview of the content of the video and be sure to highlight the main points the video makes. On YouTube and similar platforms, it can be effective to include links in your feed to other sources such as Facebook, Twitter, or your company’s website, so that viewers can follow you on other social media and connect with you. Also, keep in mind that what you include in the description plays a huge role in search engine optimization (SEO), which affects your video’s ranking in search engines. Find professional advice on effective ways to promote your video through these channels.

The two main platforms: YouTube and Vimeo

These video sharing sites are filled with every type of video imaginable, so in order to successfully market your product here, you need to stand out. You should create videos with relevant content that your viewers want to watch and share with their friends and family. You also have to make your title unique and catchy enough that it’s easy to find among all your other videos. Customize your channel and make sure it’s easy for your viewers to navigate and find what they’re looking for, and make sure you provide a link to any other social media platforms in your description.

Video marketing should be part of your marketing plan if your business is online. These tips should get you started in terms of creating content, writing descriptions, and finding channels to post. If you need additional help, consider hiring a professional marketing firm who will work with you to develop a video marketing strategy.


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