Free Website Traffic – The easy system to drive targeted free traffic using classified ads

Through all of my personal testing, classified ads are still one of the web’s most effective free traffic and lead generators. Even better, it’s a completely free web traffic source that requires very little of your time! I receive about 20-30 leads each day from heavy use of classified ads as one way to get leads. It’s exactly the same for articles. The higher the conversion rate of the classified ads you post on the web, the more website traffic will visit your site. The main difference is (and this is why articles are always number one), there is little to no item left with classified ads. Once you post a classified ad, it gets lost in all the other ads people add and newer ads will simply mean that it loses any chance of helping your business.

Below is my quick and simple system for sending free website traffic and getting qualified leads with classified ads.

Step 1 – Make a list of sites you can send to

There are currently a number of classified sites on the web that can generate crazy results for you. Some of these include craigslist, yahoo classifieds, myspace classifieds, backpage and not forgetting the yellow pages. Use a few or all of them together for best results. Just think of your self abundance the more ads you get in as many places online as possible and in return you will get loads of serious traffic.

Step 2 – Create your classified ads

Write a few ads that you can distribute to a number of these sites. The reason why a number of ads are generated is because a large number of these sites do not allow the same ads twice. So you need to create variations of your classified ad or create a brand new ad copy, to get more exposure for your website. Always consider the benefits rather than the features.

Step 3 – Distribute your ad to the sites

Send your ads to as many classified sites as possible. This will keep you very busy for a long time, but will generate a great deal of free website traffic for your online business.


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