Benefits of advertising a cup of coffee

Benefits of advertising a cup of coffee

Branded coffee cup and paper cup ads have been shown to give more positive brand perception. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in society. People drink an average of 3 cups of coffee per day. Coffee cups are a great opportunity to showcase your brand to the mass audience in a cost effective manner.

You may not believe it, but coffee is the most valuable commodity traded in the world after oil. Plus there are many coffee shops that add a unique caffeine rush to your advertising campaign. Paper cup ads will do good for your business. The per cup price on takeaway coffee means about 40% of the hard costs of making coffee. So just imagine how much you can save on lower end costs. Imagine having 100,000 tiny billboards that deliver your customers’ messages directly into the hands of the biggest payers in your country. correct. Trophy advertising takes your advertising campaign virtually into the hands of thousands of consumers per month. Right from espresso machines to elevators, offices and corporate lunchrooms, coffee cup advertising provides the perfect “guerrilla marketing” tactic for your customer. Paper cups provide an unconventional and effective advertising medium that is ideal for advertising your website titles or products and services as part of an effective multi-channel campaign.

Also, it is the coffee cups that attract attention. Effectively convey your message with up to 95% readability – giving you one of the highest reader retention rates in advertising. By switching to paper cup advertising, you not only gain awareness through repeat impressions because coffee drinkers buy their daily coffee from the same place, you also achieve positive brand perception by associating your message with caffeine consumption and warm beverages. People on the go generally view ads as welcome distractions, so they receive them positively. Moreover, coffee cups enhance customer loyalty, which is irreplaceable. Customers who receive free merchandise after purchasing something usually remain loyal to the company. A company that gives freebies such as coffee mugs with a logo is seen as more stable. Customer loyalty also exceeds repeat business because loyal customers speak highly of the business they like most.

Maybe you’ll be a little worried about another company’s branding on your paper cup. But you don’t have to. First, coffee suppliers have been advertising coffee cups for many years and how has that worked for you? That’s right, it didn’t happen! Secondly, the campaigns show a good and vibrant image. Surveys show that customers are intrigued and interested in the quality and uniqueness of the advertised paper cups.

Realizing the benefits, many business owners are now turning to coffee cup advertising to grow their business. They distribute coffee cups at train stations, highway service stations, universities, airports, and many other locations. With no more expensive packaging costs and an endless supply of vibrant coffee cups to use in-store, your bottom line profits can be a turnaround on the rise.


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