3 reasons why Google AdSense is essential for high quality content sites

To understand why Google AdSense is so important to your content site, you need to know what it is and how it works.

A website or blog publisher inserts a simple piece of JavaScript into a website. The javascript is built for you, so just copy and paste. When someone looks at a page, Google will match ads from their own AdSense program and insert them on the page. Ads are targeted to the content of the page and therefore must be relevant. If a website visitor clicks on a Google AdSense link, the publisher will receive a percentage of Google’s revenue from the money paid for advertising to be in their network.

Google takes care of the whole process. With their AdWords campaign, they get ads from millions of advertisers. They track everything for you, so it’s a really easy way to deliver fresh, targeted, content-sensitive ads without any issues. You don’t have to order ads, collect money, monitor ads and statistics, and remove ads when you’re done. AdSense is never short of advertisers.

Google has some of the best programmers out there who have spent a lot of time and effort creating a system that supports their publishers in a huge and fast growing ad network.

AdSense is also fully customizable. You can change the colors and texts to perfectly match your website. The ads come in a wide variety of types, sizes, text, and images too, so there really is something for every site owner.

The advantage of this is that the website owner can place advertisements on their site that do not look like ads. Many people are afraid to click on ads, so if they immerse themselves in a site, there will be a better click-through rate.

Earnings on AdSense can also be tracked using the Channels option in AdSense. The channels are fully customizable by the website owner, so each ad can be tracked to see its performance. If your ad is performing poorly, you, as the website owner, can test the placement, text size, and colors to see why.

When using near real-time reports, you can see very quickly what is affecting any change. You can see which pages are performing best and which ad placements are performing well.

Advertisers on the Google AdWords Network also get many benefits by targeting their ads to websites with similar content. Since they will be seen by visitors who are interested in a particular topic, the ads are likely to perform better for advertisers as well.

Using a Google AdSense campaign on your website is about targeted content. The better you can target your content, the better the ads will be displayed on your site. If your content discusses many different things, the ads displayed will be somewhat random because there are not enough keywords for Google to effectively identify the contents of the page.

Once you’ve spent time on your existing content making sure that your pages target a specific topic and use good quality keywords to attract the best AdSense ads, you should start to see an increase in your AdSense revenue. Not only will your ad revenue increase, but there should also be an increase in the number of visitors as your site is more able to rank better in search engines on certain keywords and phrases as well.

AdSense advertising is one of the pioneers in allowing website owners to easily and quickly increase their site’s revenue, without much effort.


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